Be Gone Brickwork! Welcome, Plasterboard.

Be Gone Brickwork! Welcome, Plasterboard.

Joe has this weekend completed another step on our third bedroom.

After my last update, he had taken everything back to brickwork and had just begun to stick some plasterboard pieces to the wall.
(“Stick on” makes it sounds like it was done with Pritt Stick doesn’t it? Honestly, all proper materials were used…whatever they were.)

Now, Joe has covered the entire walls with plasterboard and it looks so completely different.


Bedroom 3 brickwork



It’s starting to look like a room again, right? Although, admittedly, the second lot of pictures doesn’t look all that impressive, the work that went into it was huge!

You can see how much more even the walls are from the other side, shown below around the corner window. Ahhhh, no more brickwork on show, hoorah!

Bedroom 3

Once all the plasterboard was cut to size and stuck onto the wall – y’know, with Pritt Stick – Joe used scrim tape across the joinings of multiple cuts of plasterboard, which I’m told will help when it comes to the plaster work later.

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3
I think we will get a professional plasterer in for that part. But we know that as Joe has done all this preparation, we’ve saved ourselves a small fortune. And now that he’s learned how to do the foundations we should be able to do the same with bedroom 2! All in good time though, don’t panic Joey! 🙂

He even managed to keep most of the dirt off the windows! Oh wait….

Bedroom 3

Although I’ve had very little to do with this job, one thing I’ve loved is walking into the room at the end of a day, taking a good look around and seeing Joe’s proud face. I’m really lucky that Joe is so hands on and willing to get stuck in with a project like this, otherwise we wouldn’t have got half as much done on the house, as we do today.

I’ve also noticed that the room smells of plaster, and because we’ve turned the heating off in there whilst there is ongoing work, there is an almost damp-cold smell to the room – not a bad one by any means. In fact, I love it. It reminds me of when we bought the house and had one week to make it liveable so that we could move in. We had all the walls stripped, and we plastered the lounge and our bedroom. This project has taken me back to that time. Reminiscing and looking back at my blog throughout that week has made me realise just how far we’ve come.