Blogging in June

Blogging in June

In a bid to get back into the swing of things, return to normality and put our focus back on the house – the wedding and honeymoon really took all our attention for a while there! – I’ve decided I am going to blog every day in June.

I’m hoping that this will have the knock-on effect of giving Joe and I a bloody good kick up the butt in getting the house organised – from de-cluttering to re-structuring to renovating – after all, I’ll need something to talk about!

I’ll also have a few more final posts about our wedding. It might sound like I’m going on about it a bit but it was a whole year of my life crammed into one day, most of which I didn’t share prior to the wedding do not to spoil it for any of our guests – so there’s still a lot to talk about! Not to mention the fact that a huge area of inspiration and support was through other blogs, forums and online communities. They helped me to no end and if my wedding posts/stories/tips help just one person make their dream wedding come true, then it was worth writing.

Plus, what is a blog for if not self-indulgence? Enjoy.

i blog therefore i am
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