You’ve Got Mail: Saying Thank You!

You’ve Got Mail: Saying Thank You!

Wedding thank you
Weddings really bring out the best in people, I think.

One thing we found after ours was how incredibly generous and thoughtful all of our family and friends are. Of course, we were always going to write Thank You cards after the day had been and gone. Manners don’t cost a thing after all, as my mum says! (Although stamps don’t come cheap these days!)

I wanted to blog about this particular part of our wedding because I was simply so chuffed with the way they turned out.

Although we could have quite easily bought a pre-written pack of cards from the supermarket, I wanted to personalise each and every one.

Yes it took flippin’ ages and I do feel a bit bad for the recipients of those I wrote last (to say my handwriting deteriorated is an understatement)  but after the generosity we received, I figured it was the least we could do.

We don’t have all of our official photographs back yet, but we do have a few preview shots. So, we picked one of these.

On the wedding day itself, we unfortunately got rain in the time schedule for our outdoor photography (Isn’t it Ironic Alanis Morissette? No, it’s unfortunate.) So instead, Joe and I snook away after dinner but before the evening reception to get some pictures of just the two of us in the lovely grounds. It was just dry enough and the light of dusk was just perfect.

It gave the pictures (the ones we’ve seen!) a real modern feel to it. Exactly what we want. It makes me so excited to see the rest! (Soon!!!)

So, we used our selected picture on large postcards through Vistaprint – really good if anyone is thinking of doing something similar!

(And if you’re on their mailing list, they do regular freebees. We got our Order of the Days brochures printed for free with them, and just paid postage – Great for any DIY wedding bits and bobs).

I hope everyone got theirs okay in the post and that you like them!

What do you think of them? 🙂

Wedding thank you

Wedding thank you

Wedding thank you

Wedding thank you

Wedding thank you

  • Angela

    There beautiful of course your on them x

  • Ooh, which Vistaprint product did you use as your order of service? I looked on their website but couldn’t find the right thing… Free would be amazing as we’ve had some awfully high quotes from local places!

    • Karen

      Yeah we found that most places were just SO ridiculously expensive! Here’s a link to the Vista postcards page:

      If you are on their mailing list they often send out voucher codes for free products, but generally, i think they were the cheapest we found online. Good luck 🙂 x

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