Future Kitchen Designs – It’s Finally Happening!

Future Kitchen Designs – It’s Finally Happening!

Kitchen floor plan

As mentioned before, 2013 is going to be the year we get a kitchen. No, really, it is!

We’ve checked it out with the bank and with a couple of builders and we’re going to take the plunge and extend at the back of the house.

We currently have an outhouse (or ‘lean-to’ – I’m not entirely sure of the difference) but legally it’s not part of the house. Unfortunately there is Asbestos in the roof so we know it’s got to come down eventually – a messy and potentially expensive job. So, we figured, we’ve waited almost 2 years to start on the kitchen, we might as well make the most of it!

(You can see the potential in a previous post I did here)

To get started, we needed an accurate building quote, and for that, we need to know exactly what we want to build and install. Uh oh. We’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

We’ve always thought about what we’d love in our kitchen following by that ever optimistic phrase “one day…”

Well, one day has finally happened and it’s about time we thought about the layout!

Where do we want the external door? Do we want extra windows? Would we benefit from French doors? Where will the sink go? How will this affect the plumbing? There is a lot to think about.

Joe has been cracking on with this and has used a site called FloorPlanner to play about with dimensions and potential layouts. He measured accurately our current kitchen size, something we’ve never got around to doing until now can you believe it? He’s even added in our driveway and the surround sound in the lounge. The essential information of course…

As you can see, after a fiddle, he’s done a comparison of what we’ve got and what we could have.

Kitchen floor plan

It’s really handy to see the square footage in this way, and it really helps to know exactly what we are likely to get for our money and what possibilities are there in terms of design! After all, we can’t pick out a kitchen until we know what space there is to worth with!

We’re going to finalise this when we’re back from our honeymoon to get an accurate quote, and then off to the bank we’ll go to get this show on the road. Cue excited face from Joe!!

(He’s going to kill me for uploading that picture haha)

Joe excited face


  • Have a fantastic honeymoon! Can’t wait to see the new kitchen!

    • Karen

      Thank you Chelle! I will definitely be blogging about the honeymoon and kitchen in good time! 🙂 x

  • Oh HOW exciting. I’ll be really interested to know how you get on with this, as we want to do ours “one day” and I don’t know how the bank process works. We want to extend the dormers in our house, which will be a pretty penny I think. Argh – Kaz, I’m so excited for you! Hope you are having a fab honeymoon. xxx

    • Karen

      Thank you! 🙂 I’ll no doubt be blogging all about it as we go, but any questions, just ask 🙂 x

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