The current state of our third bedroom

We have been saying for a while now that once the wedding was done and dusted, focus would be swiftly moved back onto our first project: our beloved house. Well, Joe couldn’t wait that long. With time off work before the wedding, and after our wedding planner (ME) had done most of the last minute jobs that needed doing, he decided to crack on with the third bedroom.

For about a year now, it has housed a huge desk we had in our flat, which admittedly was a much larger spare bedroom than we have now, and looks overpowering in our cute little third bedroom in the house. It also had in it Joe’s monstrous computer as well as all the bits and bobs that I can only describe as “boy bits” – not those kind you rude lot. I mean, wires, plugs, batteries, marker pens etc. Needless to say, it was used as a temporary office.

Anyway (I can really waffle on sometimes can’t I?) what we do know about this room is that it’s in a bit of a state. The plaster began to fall off the brickwork as soon as we’d removed the wallpaper the week we moved in. And since then, whenever someone leaves the house and closes the front door, little bits of plaster fall to the floorboards, to later stab me in the feet. *insert sad face*

So, we know it’s just got to go.

I came home from work one day, with only a few days left before our wedding, to find that Joe had started the process. And, well, this is what the room looks like at the moment.

Spare bedroom

Spare bedroom

Spare bedroom

Pretty sexy eh?

All the room’s contents have been moved into my walk in wardrobe/laundry room, more formally known as bedroom 2, and Joe is planning on getting to grips with plastering with this room. I’ll keep you posted…

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