Wishlist Wednesday – A warmer welcome

Wishlist Wednesday – A warmer welcome

Not all that long ago, on another freezing UK evening, me and my sister made a trip to Ikea.

We used to live just around the corner from a huge Ikea and sometimes we’d go in the evenings just for a wander and muck about. It’s not so local these days though, so we decided to hop in the car for a mini road trip, as a good excuse for some quality time together. As always I ended up buying more candles that I don’t actually need (but they smell soooo good!).

Amy bought a lovely full length mirror for a bargain at £20 which I’m thinking of getting in brown/black for Joe’s and my bedroom after the wedding and honeymoon are done and we’re back in “decorate the house” mode.

Joe and I actually went a few months ago to Ikea. After he decided to “test” every single pillow, I decided to leave him at home on this occasion..
Ikea pillow

On this trip, I did see a welcome mat, however, that I loved. But I bet you’re thinking:
“Karen, it’s a mat, how exciting can it be?”

I know, right? I sound a bit middle-aged. But when our once-upon-a-time-clean-as-a-whistle welcome mat looks like this…
Welcome mat

…shiny new ones are starting to look pretty appealing.

(P.S Are you well jealous of my Greek house slippers and Christmas leggings?)

So, this is the mat which made me chuckle and I’m having it for this Wishlist Wednesday. I even made Amy pose with it just for this blog. DEDICATION!

Welcome mat

Welcome mat