1 month to go!

1 month to go!

I can’t believe this time has come. It’s officially one month to go until the wedding.

I still feel like I have SO much to do, although in reality it’s just confirming various details, attending our final meeting with the venue, and doing a few bits of crafty DIY decorations – I’m going to blog about all of this eventually, but I’ll do it after the wedding so not to ruin any surprises.

Joe will have his stag do and I’ll be having my final wedding dress fitting, but really, everything is sorted! Phew!

I’ve not done a countdown update since my 6 Months To Go post, and plenty has happened since then. I can’t remember everything but here are a few bits we’ve accomplished in that time:

I’ve had my hen do!

What a weekend. I know I’ve said it already but thanks so much to everyone who came to Leeds to celebrate with me. Thanks to everyone who travelled, thanks to everyone who arranged it, and thanks for just being my favourite lot of ladies. I had a blast. We did an Abba dance class (hilarious) and later went to an Adonis cabaret night, which I won’t go into details but I’d highly recommend (note: when they say expect full male nudity, by jove they aren’t lying!)

Adonis hen do

Civil ceremony has been confirmed

Although we booked in months ago for our civil ceremony, a registrar isn’t actually assigned to you until about 6 weeks before the wedding. Following this, we got a cute little booklet in the post where we were asked to confirm all music and readings (they are not allowed to mention religion in a civil ceremony, which is what we wanted anyway) as well as witnesses and personalisations we’d like. It’s nice knowing all this has been confirmed in writing. Also, there are some adorable little tips for the day in there.

Civil ceremony

Civil ceremony reading



Bridal outfit – sorted!

I’ve had my wedding dress fitting and I’m pleased to say it fit like a glove, apart from needing to be taken up about a foot! Damn my little stumpy legs! I don’t think I need to explain why there are no pictures of this on the internet just yet…
I still loved the dress just as much as when I first saw it and can’t wait for my final fitting to see it again – not to mention the giggles we are bound to get when my sister Amy, the Maid of Honour, will have to be taught how to dress me. Brilliant.
I’ve also booked in for my nails to be done, for a teeth whitening treatment, and I’ve had my hair and make-up trial, both of which I was so pleased with. Again, I won’t be sharing too much on here in terms of images but Nina, the person I’ve chosen, managed to whip my hair into a lovely style in a matter of minutes just to throw Joe off the scent of my actual chosen style. Hero. I think I’ve picked well.
Wedding hair trial


Venue Decorations

As the room we’re getting married in is reasonably large and plain, this means we have lots of options as to how we want it to look! Chair covers have long been sorted but this month we added some other room decorations and have bought some little bits for me to get crafty with in the next few weeks. We’ve not gone for anything hugely fancy or over the top, just a couple of ways to lift the room and add to our theme. Adding to this, we’ve also met with our florist again to confirm the order, confirm delivery times for the day and make final payments. I can’t wait to see these.

Photography run-through

We visited the venue with our photographers recently. This was great for them to get their bearings and get ideas as to what will work on different areas of the grounds and it gave me and Joe a chance to feel what it was like in front of the camera. I don’t consider myself to be incredibly photogenic so I think we really needed it. We got a sneaky peak of some of the pictures they took and I just know they’ll create some amazing images for us to keep forever.

Wedding Venue Rookery Hall

See you on the other side!