Tasting the Wedding Menu

Tasting the Wedding Menu

Back in January, we went to our wedding venue, Rookery Hall, to taste our menu.

(I’m going to call it ‘wedding menu’ because the term ‘wedding breakfast’ still utterly confuses me – we’re eating at 4pm, how is that breakfast?)

It was included within the package that Joe and I would get this for free but we thought it’d be a really nice occasion to look forward to after Christmas if we invited both of our parents along too – not to mention the fact that we’re both fussy eaters in our own little ways and additional opinions would certainly be needed.

Wedding menu taster

I’m not going to post the entire menu here because I want our guests to find out on the day what we’re having, but the food was phenomenal.

Joe ate soup.

And he ate carrots.

For anyone that doesn’t know Joe, this was a big deal.

The venue gave us a printed out menu of our choices – we tested two 3-course menus which we had previously selected, and were given a booklet to add feedback for the chef, where we could specify any changes for the wedding day itself. The only feedback I had was that it was amazing, and I was happy to tell them so. The only concern I think I’ll have is me popping out of my dress! It was such a gorgeous day for us all to be at the venue together for the first time (and I’m always up for free food!) The next time we’ll all be there together will be the day before the wedding. Dun dun DUNNNN!

Wedding menu taster

  • Angela

    Yum yum can’t wait x