Our wedding gift list

Our wedding gift list

It’s interesting how many people have given us the opportunity to ask for presents on a whim, simply because we are getting married. I find the whole situation completely bizarre, and if I’m honest, a bit awkward.

However, I’ve been told many-a-time to just shut up and take the gifts! So I will.

On our wedding invitations, Joe and I let everyone know where we have registered for gifts (No, Joe, we cannot register at LegoLand!) That way, if anyone wants to buy us something, the information is there for them. If not, no hard feelings. And i genuinely mean that.

We’ve had someone ask in the past where our presents for them were, and I can’t think of anything more rude. I know that weddings are expensive and not just for us, but for the guests who take time out of work to travel and celebrate with us. But I know that me pusyfooting around and going “Oh no, don’t worry about presents” is also just as unhelpful, so for anyone who hasn’t read the invitation that took me weeks to make (*weep*)  here is all the info you need 🙂

B&Q Gift Card

First and foremost, 2013 is going to be the year we get to work on our kitchen – I’ve mentioned this is a previous post and I’m sticking to it!

With this in mind, we went with a B&Q gift list (Click the picture to go to our page).
B&Q wedding gift list

It’s likely that before we can even think of buying the actual kitchen, we will have a lot of building work to be done and materials are expensive. It’s great because people can contribute as much or as little as they wish, and after the wedding, B&Q throws it all onto one gift card for Joe and I to use.

In fact, they even sent us this little package in the post just before Christmas, with business-card sized information to include in our wedding invitations. Although I love the sentiment and it’s such a cute box (a good re-usable box that appeals to the hoarder within me) unfortunately we’d already sent our invites out by the time we’d received it so they’ve just sat there looking pretty. Maybe I’ll just start handing them out as if they’re my actual business card…. Hey, kitchens aren’t cheap! 😉

B&Q wedding gift list

Originally this was going to be the only option, but plenty of people were quite adamant that they’d prefer to give us a physical gift as a wedding present. So, we registered for John Lewis too.

The John Lewis Gift List

We arrived at John Lewis hoping to have a gun battle around the department store (like the mature adults we clearly are….) but for anyone else who is hoping to live this dream, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s just a silly little beeper. We were GUTTED!

John Lewis wedding gift list
However, we didn’t let this dampen our spirits. It was a lot of fun going around the store beeping products with the hope that one day we might actually own them! We stuck to the kitchen theme as we’ll need everything new when the room is finished (after months of dust and knocking cupboards down, our general kitchen items have taken quite a battering).

However, Joe tried to beep in as many dinosaur items as possible (I think it’s children’s bedding Joey…) and I managed to persuade Joe to add on a quirky magnifying glass that I’m sure we will never ever need – Victory! 

John Lewis wedding gift list

John Lewis wedding gift list

If you’re wondering why Joe is in different outfits, it’s because we had to go our gift list 3 different times due to John Lewis’s change in supplies and most items that we added to the list were discontinued. I don’t want to dwell on the negatives although I do think it’s a poor system, but overall it was tons of fun, and they did give us a complimentary coffee and cake, which we gladly accepted! (Diet? What diet? Oops)

John Lewis gift list

John Lewis wedding gift list
Our John Lewis gift list is open for purchases now and can be accessed HERE with the number 521819.

Only six weeks to go!