The First Dance

The First Dance

First dance wedding

There is something about the first dance that terrifies me.

The thought of dancing in front of others isn’t an issue. I do like a good boogie now and then. However, having everyone I love and care about – whether it’s my close family, old friends, work colleagues – watch me stare at me whilst I dance with my newly-acquired husband makes me a little nervous to say the least. Here are a few reasons why I’m particularly nervous:

1. It feels like a performance. I know a lot of people would have liked to see us do a routine or some sort. But i don’t want to feel like I’m putting on a show for everyone. I want it to be natural, but there is something very unnatural about 100ish people watching you dance, in my eyes.

2. I’ll be wearing 5 inch heels and although this is a height I’m used to, I can see myself just falling flat on my face. I know most normal brides go for comfortable low shoes, but Joe is more than a foot taller than me, and my feet will just have to be sacrificed for the day if we want to be in any pictures together!

3. I’m not a massive fan of being the centre of attention. Admittedly not the best quality for a bride, but I’ll just have to deal with it and enjoy myself!

How to choose first dance

So, with this in mind, picking a first dance song was fairly difficult.

There are plenty we liked. Too many, actually. The problem was, so many of the songs we were leaning to were either too slow or the meaning wasn’t entirely romantic.

We decided early on that a slow dance was completely off the cards. The idea of swaying to the likes of Robbie William’s Angels filled me with immeasurable dread. Cringe cringe cringe.

We’re soppy and lovey dovey, but in our quirky way I’d like to think. Here are the songs we narrowed it down to, and why, ultimately, we rejected them:

Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
Reason for rejection: We struggled to figure out how to dance to this. Plus, quite simply, we had found a song we liked more…

True by Spandau Ballet
Reason for rejection: 
Probably a bit slow. It might sound like a joke but I genuinely ADORE this song.

I Get Wet by Andrew WK 
Reason for rejection:
Potentially a tad inappropriate for a wedding…

Everlong by Foo Fighters (acoustic version)
Reason for rejection: 
Loved this song for years but we decided we’d prefer to use it elsewhere in the day.

Wind of Change by Scorpians
Reason for rejection: Too slow. And we can’t seem to listen to this song without making ridiculous faces at each other and quoting a terrible, yet hilarious, film called Gentleman Broncos.

True Faith by New Order
Reason for rejection: We simply liked the meaning of another song better. I absolutely buzz off this song though.


In other words, we wanted a song that we both loved, a song where the words weren’t about people dying or something equally miserable, and we wanted a tune that was upbeat and would encourage everyone of all ages to get up and join us on the dance floor.

(We are doing an ABBA dance class as part of my hen do – this upcoming weekend, ahhhh so excited! – so perhaps we could get the girls and I to do a choreographed dance of some sort. But alas, it’s not a contender for me and Joe.)

And the winner is….

You’ll have to wait and see!

We’ve told a few of our bridal party what the song is so that they know when they can join us (Although I don’t want to be the centre of attention for ages, I do like the idea that for a short while it’s just me and Joe).

All I’ll say is, it’s upbeat, won’t make me cringe, and should allow a reasonable amount of movement in my monstrous shoes. Maybe I’ll be doing the robot, who knows.

It’s just a shame someone had already taken this, one of my favourite first dance videos of all time. Come on, you’ve all seen it…