2013: Year of the Kitchen

2013: Year of the Kitchen

This is an official announcement: 2013 is going to be the year Joe and I start work on our kitchen. 

There, I’ve said it. No going back now.

I know it’s Chinese New Year this week, and if they named their years after rooms in your home instead of animals, it would be the year of the kitchen for us!

For those who don’t know (and I whine about it enough so seriously, where have you been?) when Joe and I bought the house, the kitchen was in a little bit of a sorry state. The fact is, it hasn’t changed all that much since then…in 2011.

We’ve put some life back into the lounge, bedroom and bathroom, but now it’s time to get a proper kitchen. Let me start by giving you a tour of how it currently looks. Please observe the wonderful tobacco yellow and ‘Aztec’ flooring.

Kitchen progress
Here is how it looks from the other side. Please note, we have no kitchen sides. The washing machine is where we I prepare meals. The oven is decades old but certainly does the job for now, considering the house didn’t come with one!
Kitchen progress
This right here is our pan cupboard. Yes, it might look like we still haven’t unpacked yet after 18 months but if you look carefully, we don’t have any cupboards yet. The box might not look like much, but it’s working just fine.
Kitchen progress

The oven area is a scary one. We often get spiders crawling up when I’m cooking (yes, me and Joe are both complete wimps and hate spiders). I don’t think I’d mind so much, but the only hobs that are functional on the oven are the ones next to the wall. Do’h! Oh and the tiles fell off when we moved in. Not to worry, I didn’t like them anyway!Kitchen progress

This right here is a hole in the wall. Oops.

There used to be a redundant electric heater that lived here (only redundant because we gave the house central heating when we moved in. You’re welcome house!), but it would spurt dust into my marvellous pan cupboard (y’know, the box) so it had to go. With enough holes already present in the walls in the landing, a lovely bit of wood to cover it up goes a long way.

Kitchen progress

I know it all looks a bit tragic if you’re used to a state-of-the-art kitchen in your home. Always trying to keep upbeat and positive about things, I don’t feel sad when I look at our kitchen. I feel excited. If we had moved into a home which had a fully functional kitchen that simply wasn’t to our taste, I doubt we would prioritise it for refurbishment for years. Living with this kitchen forces us to completely remodel it, and I see that as an amazing opportunity. We get to redesign our kitchen completely from scratch.

(Side note:  Never take your kitchen for granted. I challenge you to make a cup of tea without a kitchen side. If it wasn’t for our washing machine, I’d be making brews on the floor!)

That door at the back of the kitchen leads to an outhouse. Yes, it’s cold and has Asbestos in the roof, but it could also add more floorspace to our home.

One thing about living in an area where all the houses are identical in structure, is that you can get plenty of ideas thanks to the estate agents! One home down the road went up for sale last year. They had made their outhouse part of their kitchen, but also extended to the side. This may not be something we end up doing, although we are getting quotes at the moment – exciting!

The point is, just look at the difference in size. Look at the possibility that we have sitting right in front of us.



With getting married soon, our home projects have been put on hold. Mostly due to finances, but above all, because of time. When we’re back from our honeymoon, it’ll be go go go on the kitchen. It may be 2014 before we get the lot finished, but I’m just so excited to crack on and get all the ideas and inspiration that we’ve been collating for almost 2 years, and make them into our reality.

  • Wow, you’re brave taking on the kitchen as well as getting married! Once it’s in the blogosphere, there’s no going back! Bet you can’t wait to get started though, it’s great to see all the potential!

    • Karen

      Aw thanks! Well to be honest, we’re hoping that any money/presents that we get from the wedding will go straight towards getting this project started. Wish us luck! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    That flooring would give me nightmares! I don’t know how you have coped with no counters either haha Can;t wait to see what it all looks like – and PS I think you should totally convert the outhouse. It will give you both so much more space!

    • Karen

      Thanks for commenting Stephanie 🙂 Trust me, it is a bit of a nightmare floor haha But, I’m hoping one day we can look back on it and giggle at how funny it looked. Really hope we go for the extra space. Will all depend on builders costs *fingers crossed*

  • This is going to be quite a project. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • Karen

      Thanks! Yeah it’s going to take a lot of time and money I imagine, but that’s why we bought the house, to start from scratch 🙂

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