Wedding skincare & a call to beauty bloggers

Wedding skincare & a call to beauty bloggers

This isn’t, nor will this ever be a beauty blog.

However, I do enjoy reading a few of them from time-to-time, and when i do get those rare occasions to sit down with a biscuit and catch up with the world, I am constantly recommended the Liz Earle’s skincare range through these channels.

I’m quite fortunate in the sense that I’ve never had acne, and only occasionally get spots, so clear skin is never something I’ve really pushed for. I will note though that my skin is pale, blotchy, red around the eyes, incredibly dry and overly sensitive. Pull yourself together face, it’s just moisturiser!

It’s one of the reasons I only wear foundations on special occasions and really struggle to get into a regular skincare routine. Quite frankly, I just don’t think anyone wants to see me looking like I’ve got the measles for the third time in my life.

Upon becoming engaged, the magazines will tell you to start prepping your hair up to a year in advance of the wedding – seriously – a whole YEAR – and start thinking about your skin. So I did.

For Christmas I was really lucky to receive a Liz Earle selection. I threw away my extra sensitive cucumber face wipes (only joking, I don’t agree with waste, they’re in an overnight bag somewhere) and got stuck in with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot clothe cleanser, the accompanying Instant Boost skin tonic, and the Superskin moisturiser.

And I was amazed.

Liz Earle hot clothe cleanser

I very rarely lean towards hyped up products or brands. I don’t shop at Topshop. I tend to think that people who own more than 1 foundation has more money than sense. And I don’t believe in bronzer. But that’s just me! For these reasons I’ve always felt pretty distanced from the beauty community. The likes of Glossyboxes don’t cater for women who aren’t blessed with olive skin. And a lot of high end brands test on animals or are heavily fragranced – something those with sensitive skin will know will give you a rash quicker than you can say Contact Dermatitis.

Liz Earle moisturiser

I’ve drifted a bit here. The point is, Liz Earle is none of these things, and I’m super chuffed I’ve found something that will allow me to prep my skin without panicking that I’m going to have some sort of allergic reaction.

Even my mum commented on it and bought it for herself!

Liz Earle

Next on my list is an alternative to fake tan for the wedding day itself. Although at first I had been determined to try one, I just know it’s not for me. So instead, I am embracing being pale but would like something to even out my skin tone.

I’m looking for a body butter/body cream with either a glowing or shimmery appearance. Simply so I don’t have that blue purpley veiny blotchy skin on the most important pictures probably ever to be taken of me.

So, beauty community, I welcome your suggestions!