Suit up!

This post has been a long time coming. We went to order Joe’s wedding suit in….October!

We had visited a few local wedding shows and picked up price lists from various suppliers around the North West up until this point, and we narrowed it down to two suit shops that we really wanted to visit.
We took along Joe’s dad, Peter, as well as Joe’s Best Man and cousin, Gary.

We started off with GroomHire in Manchester city centre, and the shop could not have been nicer. The fella who assisted us was so welcoming and helpful. Joe is a tall guy and he can be quite awkward to dress!

I won’t be posting pictures of his suit on here today, because I think he deserves that element of surprise from our guests, just as I have with my dress. But, it was such a funny day and Joe ended up either looking like a magician or Aladdin in most items he tried on…to my amusement. (He did request some “pimp canes” and monocles to try out and luckily these weren’t available…) But, we knew exactly what we wanted and Paul, the assistant at GroomHire couldn’t have been nicer.

I could describe the day but the pictures of the boys let loose in the shop really tell the story better than i could… (pictures taken on an iPhone so they’re not amazing, sorry!)

Jazz hands?

Jazz hands?

Gary seemingly unimpressed with his whit blazer

Gary seemingly unimpressed with his white blazer

Joe wedding suits

Bit tight?

Bit tight?

Peter looking very dapper in a trial suit!

Peter looking very dapper in a trial suit!


Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

I’m really grateful I got to tag along for the ride, because I know it must be tough for Joe not to see my outfit before the big day. But..I had to make sure nothing clashed with my dress! And I think you can agree that if I hadn’t supervised, they could have come out looking a little like this…

Dumb and dumber

When we were finished, Paul offered an amazing price and we went away feeling really happy and positive about the trip. However, we went along to the second shop anyway, just in case. I won’t mention what store it was because I don’t want to get all negative on here, but the service was pretty appalling. The suit that Joe tried on was not only damp (ewwww) but the bloke who served us was completely disinterested. I think attentiveness goes a long way and we were straight on the phone to GroomHire to take Paul on his good offer.

I think when you’re planning a wedding, you want every step to feel special and want to know that you’re being looked after.

The second shop wasn’t a total waste of time though. Joe and Gary thought this picture was incredibly funny and still makes them chuckle to this day….

Joe's wedding suits

Like I said, I won’t be posting a picture of the suit combination Joe chose, but here is the colour we’ve gone for on the cravats. Love it.
Joe's suits


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