You & Me…& Predator

You & Me…& Predator

As mentioned in my last post, generally Joe and I receive house-related gifts when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. It’s certainly the only way we’ve managed to get as far as we have done with the renovating!

What was lovely about this year is that we received quite a few fun presents. It’s not that other presents aren’t amazing, we absolutely appreciate all the help and generosity our family gives us, but generally asking for a wall to be plastered or money to pay off a credit card bill can feel a bit…old. It’s something we desperately need and want, but makes us feel a little practical and boring, and  sometimes, it’s nice to mix things up!

For Christmas this year, we received this adorable coat hanger. We are planning on putting this in the hallway when it’s re-plastered, and it will go wonderfully with the yellow theme we’ve been thinking of painting the room one day.
Coat hanger

We also received these gorgeous candles (they’re from Dwell, one of my favourite home stores) from Joe’s Aunty and Uncle, and I bought Joe a decanter for his whiskey. I’d promised him that one day we will have a bar in the home and thanks to these little pressies we’ve decided to start the project early and display them in the lounge.
Dwell spikey candle

Home bar

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, yes that IS Predator looking over our bar. Joe also got this for Christmas. (I actually love him! He’s made of bolts, screws and scrap metal. Joe has enough Alien figurines around the house, it’s about time we let Predator join the family!)
Predator figurine