Memories to treasure

Memories to treasure

It has become the norm for Joe and I to receive house-related items for our birthdays and for Christmas these days. I love it! Last year we got a carpet and for Joe’s birthday just gone, he got a bathroom mirror – something we’ve been searching for for too long.

To most I understand this sounds a bit sad, but once you’ve become accustomed to splinters in your feet from floorboards, a soft warm carpet is just incredible.

For Christmas this year, it was slightly different. In addition to some great house-related gifts, we also received a few lovely little trinkets for the wedding. Joe’s Aunty Debbie and Uncle Alan bought us this gorgeous keepsake box.

Wedding memory box

I’m a stickler for keeping things ‘for sentimental value’ and I’m sure we will have plenty of little receipts, leaflets and scraps of material that we’ll want to keep just to look back on one day and remember all the fun we had planning the wedding. I can’t wait to fill it up.

Wedding box