Nine months to go…

No, I’m not pregnant. Have I put on weight or something? Everyone keeps asking me this!

Joe and I are getting married in April 2013.

We’ve been engaged three months now and will be married in nine. AHHHHHHHH!!!

I know that originally we were going to set the date for 2014 to allow for more savings, but it turns out, things change.

Joe and I took three days off work last week to visit seven potential venues that we had narrowed down from the hundreds online.

It was so much fun. We got to stay overnight in Chester, go to the zoo and generally indulge ourselves into wedding fever and be away from home tasks. We were given cupcakes, free champagne and personalised treats – they really know how to flatter you to get your business.

By the Wednesday, after visiting all seven, we weighed up what we liked, cost and availability, and narrowed it down to two venues.

One of them was Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa in Nantwich.

We absolutely loved it immediately but since it was the first venue we visited, we found ourselves comparing the others to this one.

However, Rookery was almost completely booked up for the next two years apart from Fridays and Sundays here and there so we tried to keep this in mind when looking at other venues. These Friday and Sundays though, were being offered at discount prices to fill up their diary.

As you may have guessed, this is exactly what we went for.

The fact is, the other venue that we loved was so quirky, different and were more flexible with dates, but the rooms were too large for our guest list, and quite frankly, we were sold on day one to Rookery Hall.

When we made our decision to have the wedding next year, we took my mum and dad to see what they thought, and we got their approval.

So we’re all booked and it’s official.

Getting giddy, later that day I did a Google Image search for the venue, to get some photography ideas and just to feel smug at our good decision. I found loads of pictures of The Beckhams. It turns out, that’s where they announced their engagement. Aren’t we posh!

Here is the venue. I’m so excited to let everyone know the date and get our invites sorted over the next month.

We aren’t doing Save The Dates any more (which I never liked anyway because they are shortened down to STD – ew) because it’s so soon that we might as well just send the invites.

When we were all booked up, we popped along to see Joe’s parents and had some bubbly to celebrate. This next few weeks I’ll be diving into wedding invitations – yes, I’m making them myself – and trying on my first wedding dress. Here it goes!
Karen x