An obsession with Next begins.

I’m not normally fussed on brand names so much. I like finding a bargain, no matter what the label might say. But this past month, I’ve bought two things from Next for the house. Yup. Two whole things.

I know this is not breaking news or particularly that interesting for most of my readers, but if you know me, you’ll know that I’m very difficult to part money with, especially on non-essential items. Gosh, how boring do I sound? I’m a cheapskate.

But, this payday I got us a moutache art piece for the bedroom which was actualy in one of my Wishlist Wednesday posts. I actually made one come true!

We also bought an oversized dice for the lounge. Joe and I are terrible decision makers. Our daily dinner conversation goes something along these lines:

Karen: What do you want for tea?
Joe: I’m not sure. Anything really.
Karen: I’m easy going.
Joe: Yeah me too.
Karen: Fancy pasta?
Joe: I dunno. Do you fancy pasta?

Argh! We are just pants! I don’t know how we are going to plan a wedding. So, to try and get out of this painful pattern, we’re hoping the dice will help us make some decisions. If it’s higher than a 3, we’re having chicken. Or something to that effect. Plus, it looks mega cute and is the size of my face.
I’d best not to into Next again for a while before it turns into a shopping spree…

Karen x