Wishlist Wednesday – Meteorite wedding rings

Wedding rings. I suppose for most couples planning on getting hitched, this is a relatively last minute decision when all the major bookings are done and dusted.

But, as we have a long wait until our big day (aproximately 1 year, 8 months if you’re wondering – we’ll let you know when we officially set a date!) we’ve been taking a peek at the more ‘fun’ parts of planning a wedding.

I’ve stumbled across Meteorite wedding rings on a couple of blogs now. I assumed with wedding rings, you just picked what colour gold you wanted (white for me please) and went on your way.

But no, now you can get rings with parts of actual meteorite in them. As in, bits of SPACE!

I’ll admit, although I’m sceptical about how authentic they’d be, I still squealed when I saw them, thinking something along these lines:
…If a wedding ring was a she. Moving on!

Apparently the meteorite is never ‘perfect’ , obviously because it’s not manufactured, and on one particular Etsy shop that sells them, it says:
“Their imperfection makes them unique and beautiful. Meteorites are formed as they travel through space and millions of years later they may land on earth.”

Here are a few from that shop.

14K White Gold with solid Meteorite inlay Ring Set – from Etsy shop “jewelrybyjohan”

Mens Wedding Band – Meteorite and Green Box Elder Burl Wood inlay – from Etsy Shop “jewelrybyjohan”

I think the problem here is that I love the idea of them much more than the designs themselves. The simpler ones are really quite pretty but it looks like they’re a couple of thousand dollars. Not to mention, they look quite chunky and I have dainty fingers.

I think, for me, because I love my engagment ring so much, I wouldn’t want anything to detract from that, so I’ll most likely end up going for a plain band.

If you’re on the lookout for a geeky spacey wedding though, I can’t think of anything more perfect!

Karen x