The hedgehog household

I mentioned in a post back in April that we appear to have hedgehogs in the back garden! I never got around to uploading the pictures but have just backed up my iPhone so I imagine plenty of image-heavy posts coming up…

These were taken on 2 separate occasions, and sorry the pictures are bad. We were using our phones as a light to look at them, and just happened to get some shots in the process.I haven’t seen them in a while. Does anyone know if they will return? I don’t know anything about them but I think they’re so cute!

Also, we got this figure from Joe’s Aunty and Uncle as an engagement pressie, and it just so happens to have hedgehogs on it! Thanks so much Debbie and Alan 🙂

I’m going to find a lovely little place in the garden for it…as soon as the rain stops.
Karen x