May Bathroom update

Well, I haven’t posted much about the house in the past month or so, and to be quite honest, it’s because we haven’t done a whole lot!

We’ve been a little distracted with engagement stuff and with the sun finally making an appearance – it’s our first summer with a garden yay!

But, Joe’s parents bought us bathroom lights as an engagement pressie, and they make so much difference to the room! Thanks so much Peter and Carol! It’s one less thing we need to do in there. Slowly but surely, things are coming along nicely.
Joe has been scraping the walls as there is still a bit of grout on there. He also left me this lovely message in tape which he later regretted because it’s expensive stuff haha. Awww. You can’t put a price on romance Joe 😉

In brighter news though, it looks as though we are having the bathroom finished in a fortnight. We’ve got someone coming in to fit the shower, permanently fit the toilet and sink, and lay the floor tiles. I’m hoping my June bathroom update will be showing you the finished room…Watch this space! 

Karen x