RIP my little furball – take 3

On Saturday the last of our rats passed away.

We knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect it quite so soon. The other 2 had died in the past two months because they were ill but Luxor was fit as a fiddle. We had read that rats can become depressed when they are left alone so we tried to give her extra attention and keep her occupied by letting her run around the house more freely. But in the end, it just wasn’t enough and couldn’t replace her cuddling up to her sisters.

In the last few weeks, we knew she was a bit less lively but we really didn’t know how bad the death of her sisters has hit her.

With her not being as fast as she used to be, we let her have a run around in the garden which she loved. We had a moment last week where she got so giddy running around my bedroom that she tried to jump into my glass of ice cold water, effectively soaking me and a pile of books, and then had a little bath in it. I couldn’t get mad. It was adorable.

I’m always happy to defend rats as pets and I’ll continue to do so even though I no longer have any. All they want in life is a cuddle and some tasty treats.

Well, they’re all buried next to each other now. We still have Joe’s gecko who is alive and kicking despite being asleep for a good few months! I’d love more pets and I would love love love to get more rats, but because they don’t seem to live that long, I think it would be too painful to get any more. I become too attached. For now, we’re going to donate the cage and the food/bedding for some other ratties to enjoy.

One day, when we’ve got married and finished our work on the house, we will introduce some more furry creatures to the family, but for now I’ll just have the memories of my little furballs. We’ll miss you you nutters.

Karen x