I caved and joined Pinterest

This year, I will be embarking on wedding plans. When you consider that I already talk about interiors and home DIY on this blog, the natural thing to do is to get my butt onto Pinterest.

For my relatives that may not know what this is, Pinterest is like a pinboard on the internet. You ‘pin’ things you like onto a board that you create as a source of inspiration.
For those that do know what it is, apologies for my utterly basic explanation. But, as you know, the website is just full of house ideas and wedding images, so I thought it was about time I got on it.

So, I’ve created 3 boards so far:
Kitchen – Ideas for our kitchen one day.
Wedding Fun – Just fun images related to marriage and weddings.
Wedding Inspiration – Research for the real deal.

So far so good.
It’s fun and let’s me indulge in all the things I enjoy looking at without boring my friends to death with this grown up type stuff. (Also, I’m finding wedding magazines really uninspiring – everything looks the same!)

We’re not getting married for a while yet so we can save up for a good do, and we don’t want to neglect our work on the house (there’s only so long we can go without a kitchen!) so Pinterest should fulfil my needs for now. I’d quite like to create a Wedding Dress board, but for that I’ll stick to cut-out images from magazines. Can’t let Joe see my ideas!

Karen x