Wealthy washing

I opened up my inbox today to discover an e-mail with the subject: “Win a washing machine worth £2500.”

Since moving into the house, I must admit, I’ve entered a few competitions. It has left me inundated with junkmail but I optimistically do it ‘just in case’. I get bombarded with stuff like this: “Win a toaster”, “Win a £500 voucher” “Win a new kitchen” blah blah. I never win of course. And more often than not, it’s stuff I’m not really interested in. But today, I had to do a double take. What on earth qualifies a washing machine to be worth so much dosh? I’ve had cars that weren’t worth that much money!

For £2,500, I would want my clothes, washed, dried, folded and ironed.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the very existence of my blog, that over the past year, I’ve had a growing interest in all things interiors and household stuff, as me and Joe try and make this house a home, but sometimes I really think companies take the royal piss out of people. Either that or some of you have more money than sense, in which case, can I borrow a tenner please?

This is what i imagine a person with a £2,500 washing machine lives like.

Sorry about the negativity. It just baffled me. Normal smiley service shall resume shortly 🙂

Karen x