We’re on a mission. A bathroom mission.

I know I almost never mention work on our bathroom* but this past few weeks Joe and I have tried to get some bathroom fitters in to give price quotes on getting the job finished.

If you’re wondering what we need doing:

  • Final piping (including installing the shower mixer into the brickwork and fitting the waste drainpipe).
  • Then the shower tray and doors (essentially the whole thing!) can go in.
  • Then we can put in the bathroom floor.
  • Then we can permanently fit our sink and toilet.
  • Then we can claim that we have a bathroom!
  • Then we can do a victory dance.

You get the idea. We need help.

The shower job is a hindrance because it is not something we are qualified to do. We could probably give it a jolly good go, but quite frankly, something that is going to live forever behind a tiled wall/stone shower floor, we want doing right.

Back to my story, if that’s what this is. We have been let down. Bathroom fitters have turned up and had absolutely no idea how to complete the job. Or, they haven’t turned up at all.

I really can’t tell you how frustrated I am at the situation. It’s almost as if they don’t want the work. I thought this was a recession?

I don’t want to use this blog as a moaning station. When our house is complete and I decide to re-read our progress, I don’t want to remember being angry or upset, because apart from this bathroom blip, fixing up our house is probably the most fun and exciting thing we’ve ever taken on (although maybe the wedding will take the number one spot soon *squeal*)

So, it’s a complete long shot, but if anyone in the Trafford/Greater Manchester area (UK) can recommend to me a good bathroom fitter, we’d love to consider them.


*some statements may not be complete and utter fibs! 🙂

Karen x