Where’s Pebbles?

I’m thinking about creating a book called Where’s Pebbles? – It will be just like Where’s Wally? but a bazillion times easier. Let me explain why. I’ve previously spoken about the neighbour’s cat that just wanders into our house and makes herself at home. We don’t mind it at all! She’s good company and all she wants is a cuddle. But from time to time, I genuinely don’t know how she got inside!

Here’s a few snaps of Pebbles popping up unexpectedly this month.

I’m sure I made the bed this morning…

No Pebbles, you cannot get in the bath.

Waiting for me to get home…

Just chilling on the windowsill. We see you cat!
Mmm bathmat!
She’s a stealthy one. One minute I look outside and she’s in the garden, the next, she’s rolling around by my feet. Ninja cat.

Karen x