5 DIY sites I love this week

I often wonder what I did with myself before the internet as I’m sure many others do, but I ask it now more than ever as a homeowner. With this blog, I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ other people in similar situations, trying to tart up their homes. They’ve given me inspiration, tips and sometimes, praise.

Joe & I don’t actually have much to report in terms of the house at the moment. We are in a ‘saving up’ phase and getting price quotes for the bathroom (post to come on this later) but this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped nerding out to interior blogs and DIY videos on YouTube.

So, to show that I’ve not completely abandoned my blog, I share with you some of my favourite finds on DIY this week. If you’ve seen any, throw them my way! 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Smart tips to make life easier.
These funny pictures will make you kick yourself whilst questioning; “Why didn’t I think of that first?”
This one is my personal favourite. Reminder to self: buy post-its.

2. Tips on choosing paint colours.
One thing we’ve learned whilst decorating is that if you pick a colour of paint you want, you then have to pick a shade. But there are millions of shades in existence. It’s hard work!
However, if you’re stuck with picking a colour – full stop – then I thought this would be really helpful: a guide to picking paint colours.
I love how we picked green for our bedroom, which acording to this, promotes sleep. Woo, go us!

3. Could decorating be the answer to the flagging sex lives of Brits?
Erm, can it? This article is clearly a pile of PR hogwash, but it sure made me chuckle, as well as the Dulux advert on TV at the minute.
(P.S I actually met the Dulux dog about a month ago at an exhbition with my old job. It was so cute!)
4. The You Can Do It YouTube channel. 
I personally think that B&Q is pretty overpriced, but despite this, we do find ourselves wandering around their warehouses looking for inspiration a couple of times a month. One thing they really do well though is their Youtube channel. I’m sure I’m not the only one that, when I get stuck, I either Google/YouTube it before I even consider asking an actual human. Well, B&Q have some pretty decent video tutorials on basic DIY, for basic people like myself.

5. Nest design studio blog
This blog does a feature called Interior of the Day, which always makes me wants to drop everything in my life, run home and decorate my house. It’s pretty simple: just some stunning pictures of some amazing interior design. I love it. You should go love it too.

Karen x