Venturing outside

The sun may keep disappearing behind cloudy skies (the buggar) but that hasn’t stopped Joe taking an interest in our jungle garden.

For a long time now, Joe has been itching to get his hands on some garden tools and get stuck in. It’s a big job but it’s something that he really missed when he left his parent’s house and moved into a flat with little old me. Well, he’s got his wish. We finally have a garden and slowly but surely he’s gathered some tools.

Last weekend, we added to this and bought a lawn mower. With a 50-ish foot garden, it was about time really. As the garden was untouched for almost a year before we moved in, it’s pretty wild out there with weeds, mushrooms, moss, and all that wonderful stuff that you just don’t want in a lawn. But it gives Joe a project for when I want to watch terrible embarrassing TV, so I’m all for it.

(For some reason, he loves to strut his stuff in a really camp way when he does the lawn. I have no answer for why this is)

We’ve got a few plans for the garden so far in our heads. We know we want a lovely wooden shed at the back right corner, and we know where we want a table area that catches the most sun, but for now, it’s really a case of killing what we don’t want, and trying to even out and grow some nice grass. We’re hosting a big family BBQ this summer for my sister’s birthday so Joe is hoping to get it in a reasonable state before then.

We are going to try and get a design idea sketched out soon so we can get a better idea of what to buy and when – so far we have discussed that we want a pool, water feature, shed, trampoline, tree house and zoo. I fear these may be unrealistic…

Amongst the weeds and general ugly shrubbery, we have had some nice surprises so far. One is the flowers. They pop up in all the wrong places (where we want to park the car – typical!) but they’re really pretty so I may move them as soon as I learn anything about gardening.

 We’ve also, got HEDGEHOGS! I haven’t seen them yet but Joe snagged a picture this week when I was out (I’ll post this at a later date). I know they’re in decline in the UK so I wonder if there’s anything we can leave out for them? I need to do some research. Send me some info if you know much about it! I hope we see them again.

I also hope the sun returns soon so we can do what we really want in the garden – drink beer and relax 🙂

Karen x