Wishlist Wednesday -11th April 2012

I’ve not done a Wishlist Wednesday for a while because I’ve simply been too busy! For those that are interested (mostly Joe’s mates from work – hello lads!) I’ll keep them coming, but maybe not every week.

The other day I stumbled across a blog post from Lily Loves Lola talking about an Etsy store called ClosetCat.

She showed a picture frame called In case of emergency, and I just love the idea. Joe absolutely adores Monopoly but maybe I’ll try and create something a bit more personalised for us. I’m thinking about doing a gallery of fun art somewhere in the house and I think this would make a great addition.

There is this baby one as well, and I thought of all my pregnant mates when I saw it. How cute!
I need to think of something personal to me & Joe – maybe a cocktail umbrella and minatures of our favourite drinks would do the trick? (Southern Comfort for me, Cognac for Joe) Perhaps this is one to add to the “finishing touches” list for when we get a kitchen in a year or so.

Karen x