RIP my little furball – take 2

On Saturday, Joe and I said goodbye to our pet rat, Shee-Ra.
She has been suffering for a long time with a tumour under her arm, and more recently, one in her face. It was interesting because, although she had a tumour, she was the most active and playful of all three of our rats. But, the last few days, she got very quiet, and started to lose weight rapidly.

I remember when we got the girls. They were all terrified of us the day we brought them home as they hadn’t been handled before, and they were still very young. They had a little cardboard box in their cage which was given as a bed for them, and they all hid in there for a good hour or so. I sat for about half a day by the cage with some treats on my belly and my arm in the cage door, hoping that they would get used to my smell. We had bets on which one it would be to come out of their box/bed first. It was one of the twins with the dark tail. She suddenly turned hyper and ran furiously around her new cage, and encouraged her sisters to do the same. We named her after He-Man’s twin sister – Shee-Ra.

I don't like crusts on toast, so we would share.

I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore. We’ve buried her next to her sister who only died a few weeks ago. Luxor is the last one standing and she is fit as a fiddle. I just hope that she stays her happy self, as I know that rats can die from depression and loneliness, and she’s always been so used to cuddling up to her twin, Shee-Ra.

You see that tail in the biscuit packet? Yup, that's Shee-Ra.

After Halloween, she would sit in our pumpkin and watch TV with me

I feel that the house is a little bit less like a home with the other two girls gone. I know once our house is fully decorated , we will be less inclined to let animals run around on our nice floors/furniture. But, I’ll always have that hole under the couch where they tried to make a hidey-hole and nearly gave Joe a heart atttack. Funny little furballs.

Karen x