The house down the road…

Have you ever wondered what your neighbours’ house looks like on the inside? Or is it just me? Well, it makes me very curious indeed. Our area is currently in a ‘state of transition’, if you will. The houses on our street and surrounding roads fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Really well maintained family home. Most likely have a few children and a pet.
  2. Young couple that hasn’t lived there long and are updating the property.
  3. Elderly woman (not seen any elderly men – Eat your greens gents!) living on their own in a very outdated house.

All of the houses in our area have exactly the same build. They are spot on identical. We pretty much bought the shell of the house and many are similar to ours. I get the impression that the elderly of the lot are passing away (grim but true!) and the houses haven’t been updated since being built – again, like ours. Because of this, there is plenty of construction happening as the properties are getting a makeover. This is great because:

  1. This should, in theory, increase our house prices as the area gets tarted up.
  2. We can ask them for advice! (The family opposite us are re-building their driveway at the moment. I plan to harass them for their research and quotes!)
  3. Some houses are being sold for profit after they’ve been modernised, or they’re being bought after someone has passed.

Apart from all the death and that, this is absolutely brilliant. It means we can look into our neighbours’ houses without having to look like weirdos wanting to go into a stranger’s home. Hoorah for estate agents!

One house has just popped up for sale this week a few doors down, and as me and Joe are always looking for inspiration on how to extend and make the most of our house, I think we are going to go for a viewing! Pretend to be a young couple (well, we are) who are on the hunt for a new house. Is that creepy? I’m not sure. It’ll be a laugh though.

Speaking of this house, it is up for £100,000 more than we paid for ours, meaning it’s a great look at what our house could potentially be – especially as it is fully modern and largely extended – something me & Joe hope to achieve one day.

Here was the floorplan we received when viewing our house.

(I think I could have done better on Microsoft Paint, I’ve gotta be honest.) 

And here is the floorplan for the house down the road. Look how many more rooms they have!

(Not to mention the fact that their floorplan is 3D. Jealous much?)

They have extended at the back of the house and down the side, therefore lengthening and widening their kitchen, added a conservatory at the end of the lounge, added an extra bedroom upstairs, and added a gym and shower room on the ground floor. Wow.

What do you think? Is it weird playing pretend and having a nosey at your neighbour’s house? I feel a bit like Michael Paine from Harry Enfield. Anyone remember him?

Karen x