Operation Cuddles: why we still let “that cat” in

If you read this blog often, you will know that we have pretty much adopted one of the neighbour’s cats, Pebbles. Not stolen though. Absolutely not.

(We thought about it! But living only two doors down from the owners, it was a flawed plan.)

Quite frankly, I think Pebbles prefers it more at ours. A lot of mine and Joe’s friends ask us if “that cat” still comes around and if we still let her in. To be honest, it’s rare that she’s not here. In fact, early this morning, not long after waking up, I opend the curtains of my bedroom to find Pebbles moaning at the front door wanting to be let in.

(Apologies for my annoying voice!)

So, to answer your question, yep, she’s still around. But she’s a cutey, so it’s fine by us. I had to chuck her out today after a cuddle because I was about to start painting the bedroom and she’s one of those cats that just gets in the way.

Example: On Friday night I spent a few hours organising my bedroom of junk and getting some filing done (I know, rock ‘n’ roll eh?). Pebbles came in for a visit. Within five minutes of me pouring a glass of wine, she had rolled around in all my paperwork and I had to start over. Oh well, you live and learn!

Karen x