Wishlist Wednesday – 7th March 2012

I know, I know, I’m a day late for this week’s Wishlist Wednesday. Joe recommended I do a Thoughts Thursday as an alternative but I told him he was a silly sausage and he should do one himself sometime (come on Joe, get your blogging hat on!).

Anyway, this week I’m lusting over art and picture frames.

I’d argue that our lounge and bedroom are pretty much completely decorated apart from a bit of organising and unpacking still left to do, but the walls are still bare and we still don’t have any photo frames about. So in some ways the house still has that “show-home” feel about it.

It sounds ridiculous writing that because, quite frankly, I’ve been in DIY warehouses that feel more like home than some rooms in our house, but what I mean is, it’s not yet personalised.

We are currently looking to fill a huge wall (about 20ish feet long) in the lounge, as well as the wall above our bed. But we’re stumped.

We have one frame in the lounge at the moment which we got for Christmas (below). We’re going to fill it with pictures of the family, then buy another one and fill it with pictures of friends. This won’t really make a dent though on the huge amount of space there is to fill.

The wall over the bed is a different matter. We’re totally uninspired and stuck for ideas.

Here’s some wall decorations I’ve seen on the web this week that I loved. When we get chance,  I think they’ll come in handy as inspiration. Although I’m not sure if we could think of anything to put in so many frames!

DUMICAN MOSEY Architects - Fillmore Street contemporary staircase

This Etsy shop called Popca-Popca Studio I’ve really taken a shine to when it comes to the art itself. It’s hand painted images onto vintage dictionary pages so they’re quirky and one of a kind. I can’t decide which design I like best though – the cat with a burger on its head, Darth Vader holding an orange spoon, or the skeletons having a snog. Hmmm.

 Karen x