Joe’s productive weekend

As I mentioned in my previous post, Joe & I had a really productive weekend. I’ve cracked on getting the bedroom walls painted, and Joe has been working hard on the bathroom.

I don’t have as many pictures for Joe’s bit of the weekend for a few reasons:
1: I was busy painting.
2: He gets a bit miffed if I’m stood there taking pictures if it looks like he’s been in a dust storm.
3: He thinks I do it to procrastinate (this is sometimes true).

One thing I did manage to get a sneaky picture of is the new floorboards that he put in around the corner of the bathroom. Because of waste pipes and central heating pipes being installed over the past few months, these floorboards have taken a real beating and were no longer even. As the sink will be put here eventually, it needs to be level so Joe has been replacing the wood. With this evened out, we should be able to get a tiled floor put in reasonably soon.
He also continued cutting the tiles for around the bathroom door. It’s been a time-consuming job for him because the cut needs to be so accurate and the wall isn’t entirely even (despite being plastered argh!). It’s quite frustrating from what I can tell. Plus, he ends up covered in dust, cuts and bruises. Poor Joey.

This one made me laugh though. I think it may need re-grouting Joe? 🙂
Away from the bathroom, Joe took the birdhouse into the garden. This was a handmade Christmas present from Joe’s aunty and uncle. I absolutely love it! However, with the really windy weather we’ve had lately, it’s been living in the outhouse to avoid it being smashed. Now that Spring is in the air, we’ve added some leftover Taco shells for the birds (surely they like tacos) and popped it at the end of the garden.

Karen x