March Bathroom Update

I must admit, when we received the keys for the house in August, I never thought that re-modelling the bathroom would result in a March bathroom update. I honestly thought this room would be the easiest thing ever (completely delusional). And I suppose for me it has been – although my general girly showering/pampering routine has gone to pot. Joe and his dad have done the bulk of the hard work.

Note to self: buy them beer.

But regardless of how long it is taking, it is coming along nicely. When I look back at old pictures I do realise how much progress has been made.

Take a look at this video for example. We (again, I did next to nothing to help but I’m going to take credit anywho) had ripped down the wall between the bathroom and the toilet, ripped out the immersion heater and started chipping away at the broken tiles to expose the brick.

As you can see, it looked pretty atrocious – just like my camera skills on my old phone! I can’t apologise enough for the shoddiness of this video. I must add ‘learn photography’ to my to-do list.

But ho hum! As long as we have a fully functioning bathroom at some point in 2012, I’m a happy bunny. I’m so excited for it, I may very well blog about my first shower in the house. Well, the first one that wasn’t in the garden…

Here’s a few snapshots of how the bathroom looks at the minute:

Fully grouted around the bath

Tiles are starting to go on around the window.

Tiles starting to go on around the door.

What will be the double shower

That white pipe is our waste pipe from the bath. We need to connect it to the outside drainpipes. And yes, that’s a hole straight into our bathroom so it’s normally pretty breezy in there!

The water pipe spurts out onto the side of our house. Luckily we are going to build a driveway here eventually. Looks messy though!

Karen x