Wishlist Wednesday – 29th Feb 2012

I should really rename this post: “Why I’m the best girlfriend in the world.

I don’t mind Star Wars. I’d even go as far to say I quite like it. I even have the Star Wars Cantina Band as my ringtone. But Joe really loves it. So, I know the tradition for 29th February is for a lady to propose to your fella as it’s a leap year. Well I’m not doing that. Instead, I’ll just dedicate this Wishlist Wednesday to Joe and include all the memorabilia I know he would love to have in the house one day.

We do already have Darth Vader in the lounge, a canvas of Vader to go up somewhere when we have more walls, and Joe has a Jedi dressing gown which my mum bought him last Christmas. But apparently it’s not quite good enough. One day Joe, we shall decorate your computer room the office into a space room – a jolly good compromise if you ask me! (I have a thing about space stuff) The below are what I think Joe would just love in the house.

Star Wars wallpaper

Han Solo carbonite desk anyone?

Nursery. Awww

R2D2 bin. Perhaps not...

I do worry what our house will look like in a few years time. Hopefully it will remain relatively normal though. Even if we do end up geeking it up.

Karen x