Cheers Nan

This week, I finally paid off a loan which I took out in August to pay for some house improvements. Huzzah!

August was when we got the keys and needed to get a move on making the house into a liveable space, but funds were lacking and quite frankly, we were on a deadline to move in. The Bank of Mum was very understanding and we were able to pay for the boiler for the central heating and we also bought a bathroom suite (one of the first things we did in the house was take a sledgehammer to the rotting cast iron bath so you can imagine it was pretty urgent, even if half of it still lies in a box in the second bedroom. One day it will make it to the ball!).

As I said, I’ve this week paid it all off in one swoop, and this is a small (and probably pointless) post to say thank you to my Nana Doris (such a Nana name ain’t it?) who passed away last February.

The only picture I have of my Nana and Grandad – Doesn’t he look like the Monopoly man?

A sugar cube picker upper (clearly made up that title) which I found when clearing out her house. I’m going to put it on display in the kitchen – when we get one!

I got some money in her will which arrived a few days ago and I’ve managed to become debt free because of it – apart from student loans and the mortgage, but I have high hopes for a lottery win so I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over those.

I’m not comfortable discussing money normally and I hate lending cash of any kind so paying off debts is a biggie for me. But I’m sad that I never got to say thank you to her for thinking of me in her will, and I’m sad that she never got to see the house herself.

It might just be cash, but now I know that instead of paying off debts, I can start saving for the next bit of plaster, or the next pot of paint, or maybe even a kitchen!

I suppose we could have had a holiday (trust me, I was mega tempted) but I hope she’s pleased that we’re warm and clean instead. Proper boring and sensible and grown up. It feels good. Cheers Nan!

Karen x