Wishlist Wednesday – 15th Feb 2012

As it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I’ll dedicate this Wishlist Wednesday to Joe and something that he would adore in the house – Lots and lots of moustache memorabilia.

Joe has a thing about moustaches. He thinks they’re bloody brilliant and always tries to grow one. You know the Monopoly man? Yeah, that kind of moustache.

Joe + moustache

I’ve done a wander across the internet and picked my top 5 moustache house decorations (click on the image for original source).

Take your pick Joe, which should we get? 🙂

1. Moustache pillow
2. The je m’appelle moustache lightbulb
3. Mr Moustache vinyl sticker 4. Mr Moustache chalkboard
5. Moustache wine glasses
 Karen x