Another bathroom update!

To the outside world it won’t look as if we’ve done a whole lot yet and I know that most normal people get a bathroom done in about two weeks. Well, we’re not normal. Nor are we rich.

Joe has worked really hard on doing the room himself and we have completely re-modelled it so it may still take a while.
Current tasks in the bathroom include:

Moving piping
I didn’t even know what a stop tap was before moving house. This is how new it is to me. For anyone else as gormless as myself on the topic, the stop tap is a tap that stops/starts the water supply to your house. It was previously behind the toilet but as we have moved this and are now putting a shower there, it’s probably the worst place for a stop tap. (How many times can you say stop tap in a minute?)
Within this job comes moving a lot of pipes around (apparently).
Joe has already drilled down to the area in the kitchen where we will have the new stop tap (directly underneath the old toilet/new shower area).
Also, we had to remove the old hot/cold water pipes that were sticking out of the floor in the bathroom and coming down the kitchen walls. These are redundant now because we have central heating.
This was a welcome job because Joe got to use his beloved angle grinder and wear a funny overall outfit.

The pipes were directly above the sink so it got a bit messy…

Joe has started grouting. Hooray! The whole bathroom can’t be done yet because the shower needs to be installed into the wall before we can tile that area. But a start is a start.

Installing the essentials
So far the toilet and bath has been temporarily installed. They had to be removed though in order for Joe to tile behind them. Technically we shouldn’t be using the bath at all without a seal and without it being fully connected. As you can see, it’s currently being balance on a poker chip. But hey, a girl’s gotta wash!
We’ll need to hire someone soon to fit in everything. Finally! The toilet, sink, bath and shower. It’s a big job and won’t be cheap, but we’re nearing the finish line now.

Buy a door
The current door has taken a good battering with all the DIY going on lately. It doesn’t matter so much though because it is going to be replaced eventually (it is also bright pink – my least favourite colour in the world). For the time being though, we’ve had to flip it upside down so we can move the hinges as we want it to open towards the wall, as opposed to the open space. It looks a bit funny and we’re using a tub of adhesive as a lock (if you want privacy, place tub in front of door. Simple) but it does the job for now.

Karen x