Privacy at last

Although not the most exciting of big projects, last Friday our blinds arrived.
For the past six months, Joe & I have been concentrating on getting the lounge and our bedroom finished. After all, these are the rooms we really ‘live‘ in, so it’s nice to have somewhere to escape to when the rest of the house is like a bomb site.

Each month, we have managed to get one step closer, and Christmas and birthdays have helped along the way. However, the lounge still felt unfinished and this is mostly because of the huge window at the front. Without having blinds or curtains, passers by stop and stare into our lounge for a nosey. We really don’t do anything all that interesting in there so they mostly get a good peek at me nibbling dinner, or Joe throwing his Xbox controller across the room when he can’t level up on Batman. (This is also the reason why I’ve avoided the Wii fit board since moving. I refuse to prance about huffing and panting with an audience!)

Now, finally, we have the privacy we need and it feels awesome. As always, here are some pictures to tell this glorious tale…

Just as we could see right out onto the road, they could see us too (and our surround sound entertainment system. If for no other reason, we needed blinds to avoid attracting thieves!)

But here are the blinds that we chose! Do you like?

Please pardon the messy lounge.

We are thinking about getting some curtains over these blinds to match the back window but thats just a luxury that we’ll do one day in the future. One more step down. Huzzah!

Karen x