Wishlist Wednesday – 8th Feb 2012

Before we knew for certain that we had the house, Joe and I picked out some things that we would love in our dream home.
When I was younger, I had asked my mum for black walls and a black ceiling in my bedroom. Not in a gothic/miserable way. I just thought it would be like sleeping outside. What a cheerful young girl I must have been! She sensibly said no and I ended up with an amazing space room instead complete with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Jealous? You should be! It rocked my world. A black wall has been on my Wishlist Wednesday for many years now.

At an interiors exhibition last year, I came across a designer wallpaper stand and re-ignited my love for black walls. The specific design was by Barbara Hulanicki from Graham & Brown, and it was called Skulls.

I love skull things. Again, not in a morbid/depressing/emo way. Some girls love flowers or vintage stuff or Hello Kitty. I just like skulls.

I told Joe about the wallpaper and thought how fun it would be to make it a feature wall in our green bedroom. Joe bought me a sample and grew to like it himself, but plans change and we ended up making our feature wall a plain green instead. (Click here to see it!) Also, it was a designer wallpaper so to actually use it as a feature wall in our bedroom would have cost almost £100. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend quite so much on one wall. I’m just a cheapskate.

I suppose we could still try it in another of the bedrooms, but I think realistically it belongs on my wishlist, distinctly filed under Dream Home. On second thoughts, I still have the sample. It’s A4 in size so perhaps I could frame it and use it in the bedroom after all?  Maybe I should pick a green/white frame though. Just so our house doesn’t end up decorated like a dungeon.

Karen x