Wishlist Wednesday – 1st Feb 2012

Something that I’ve always wanted in a house (although really it was probably intended for the day I buy a mansion) is a library. I always loved to read, even from a very young age, and I think from the moment I saw Beauty and the Beast as a child, I just assumed that houses have a west wing and a library. Y’know. As standard. What? THEY DON’T? How very rubbish. Ooo and secret doors that lead to said library would just be marvelous.

Clearly what all houses should look like! We'll give Disney the bill...

Coming back into the real world, I know that for my house this isn’t really feasible unless we physically build one at the back of the house, and I guarantee Joe will try and build a games room/ Star Wars room before we ever build a library.
(Don’t know where I’m getting all this hypothetical building money from! Oh well, it’s Wishlist Wednesday, I’m allowed to play pretend!)

Being the compromising person I am (oh yes, go me!) I’d be happy with a simple bookshelf somewhere. Over the past year or so, I’ve actually got rid of most of my books. Mostly for storage reasons and to make a bit of extra cash for moving. But there are some that I can’t bear to part with, and I do, from time to time, re-read them.

So, adding to my wishlist is a wall of books. After Googling this, I came across plenty of “library porn”, as I’ve now discovered it’s called, as well as “bookshelf porn” – also wonderfully named. Here’s a few of my favourite finds (click the images for the original websites with loads more pictures). Don’t books make a home look cosy?

Colour coded bookshelves. Love it!

Storing books in a staircase! Amazing idea!

Who needs pictures when you can have books? This is taken from a blog which features Cool bookshelves. Amazing!

So cosy!

Karen x