Wishlist Wednesday – 25th Jan 2012

One thing that will probably remain on my wishlist until at least next year is a new kitchen.
Here is a brief introduction to the state of our kitchen…

The view when entering the kitchen, from the hallway.

The left of the room!

The right of the room!

It’s not a bad size really, and when you consider the outhouses at the back (you see that red door at the back over there! That’s the outhouses) we’ve actually got quite a bit of space.

Next year we’d love to knock through to the outhouses to make one large kitchen and finally get one installed. It’s a massive job which is why it currently remainds firmly on the “wishlist” pile, and not yet on the “to-do” list.

Me & Joe would adore a kitchen like this one below. A white glossy kitchen with see-through feature cupboards. This particular one is from Magnet, and although we may not end up getting this exact one (unless we win the lottery), this is the look we want. I’m superduper excited to get it. When the kitchen is in, it will mean the house is done and dusted. A very exciting goal to look forward to 🙂

Karen x