Where’s the cat gone?

Some people have been asking me lately: “Where is Pebbles? Does she still visit you? I’ve not seen her on your blog!

Don’t worry, she’s still around! In fact, she’s at the house everyday! I often wonder if she’s ever at her ‘real’ home. She’s waiting for me when I get home from work, and she’s sat by my car in the mornings, hoping to get a feeding and a cuddle before I leave for the day.

Her new favourite thing is our carpets (which she initially thought was her clawing toy. Honestly thought i was going to have a breakdown the first time I saw her pounce on it!) as well as rolling around in newspapers. She’s very easily amused.

Here’s some recent snapshots of Pebbles continuing to make herself at home.

She likes to sit underneath Joe’s head! Anything for the attention!

Karen x