Wishlist Wednesday -18th Jan 2012

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find something in a store, add it onto your mental wishlist and then forget about it forever. I’m so forgetful sometimes it’s unreal!

Let me expand. Every Christmas my mum asks for a list (you’re never too old to do this!) Her logic dictates that she is going to buy me a present no matter what, so it might as well be something that I really want.

Me & Joe did a joint list this year, but although we needed absolute shed loads (Hmm, maybe next year we could ask for a shed?) for the house, we couldn’t really think of anything to ask for.
In the end, we had included items such as stuff“, “duct tape(Joe always asks for this. It’s a weird one) as well aspicture frames. As you can tell, it was a bit vague. It’s really amazing that we got such good presents because we weren’t very helpful on the list front.

So, I’m going to start a Wishlist Wednesday on this blog.
It’ll be my weekly post where I can indulge in what I want for the house – whether it is something I will come back to later and add to my Christmas list, or something that I just would love in a dreamworld.

So, my first addition to the list is…8-bit flowers.
Joe & I have had our eyes on these for a long time – since we moved into the flat in February 2010!
They’re from a website called ThinkGeek, and to be honest, I’d quite happily get most things from that website! If it wasn’t in America, I would have ordered them a long time ago, but for now, I don’t think I’ll risk the customs charges until I really need them.
I do love flowers around the house and it’s always a lovely suprise when Joe buys them for me. But these cute little decorations will never flourish and will never need watering (and are a lot cheaper than weekly living bouquets!) We’re hoping to buy one or two when we eventually turn the third bedroom into a proper office.

Karen x