Only up to 5 washes? Rip-off!

If you’ve been to this blog before, you may have heard me rattle on about our bathroom for a while now. Well, in a nutshell, we’re still a far way off it being finished. But, something happened lately that made me chuckle so much, I was almost glad it is only half done.

With Christmas here, and my car bills due, money has been slightly less available than normal. We’re also saving up for the rest of the bathroom gear such as tiles, radiator, etc. With this in mind, we decided to do a little budget shop for cleaning materials.

Joe picked up a bag of discounted goods such as washing up liquid, shampoo, bleach etc – basically, plenty of stuff that we could stick in the cupboard ready for the kitchen/bathroom.
(You may think this is weird to merge these 2 rooms together, but currently our shower is in the kitchen, and we brush our teeth in the kitchen sink. You can only use what you’ve got eh? 🙂 )

There was one little bottle in this bag labelled Travel Wash. This has been on the side of the bath with the shampoo and I thought nothing of it. That is, until  I discovered that Joe was using it to wash with.

That’s right ladies and gents, Joe has accidentally been cleaning himself with washing detergent.

We should have known really, what with the “Up to 5 standard washes” slogan. I blame the fact that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. We both were in fits of laughter when we found out, and now he’s been given a temporary pass to use my nice “girly” bath stuff.
(I get this type of stuff as gifts all the time. I’ve got more of it than I know what to do with. But truth be known, I absolutely hate baths, becase hot water hurts my skin. If anyone wants some nice bath-type stuff, let me know! Think I’m getting off-track here…)

Oh well. It’s a good job we can laugh at this kind of stuff.
Bring on my shower in 2012!

Karen x