The Karen way to chop wood

There’s a running joke between Joe and myself that I am a bit weak and feeble. It’s true that I have the upper body strength of a wet towel and can be a bit useless when it comes to ‘proper‘ jobs around the house (I like to think of myself as the co-ordinator although it really just means that I love sitting on the couch munching on some cookies watching Joe do burly things outside).

Unfortunately in the move, one of our major poster frames smashed. With the glass recycled and the poster itself re-ordered, all that was left was to break up the wood that was its backing, ready for our bonfire. As you can see, I failed miserably, whilst Joe took pictures in hysterics.

This is a pledge to man up, as Joe says, and get better at general house activities. I may need to buy an axe though if Joe wants anymore wood chopping up (especially since he had to do it in the end as I’m a complete failure. Oops).

Karen x