One wall down…many more to go

This weekend we finally got off our bums and painted the feature wall in our bedroom.

We had already bought the paint a few weeks back with a B&Q voucher I received for my birthday from the girls at work. So we put on some scruffs and got to work. I like to think of it as one of my presents to Joe, as it was his 25th birthday after all.

Joe struggled to work out how the protective sheets work...

Got to protect our bed and brand new carpet!

The paint itself

The big reveal

I was given the major important job of stirring. As you can see, I look like death. It was early Sunday morning after all!

The first tester!.....It says "Happy Birthday Joe" in shorthand. Or at least, that's what I was going for. It's been a while since I used it...

Joe took charge of the tall bits

THAT'S ME! (Also known as proof that I did some painting too)

Joe likes to draw rude pictures on things. I'm not worried at all...

And here is the finished result! It looks a lot darker as the picture was taken at night, but we really love it. We want to paint the rest of the walls a light grey as I’m not really a big fan of white walls, but that can wait until the new year. Now, we can hang stuff such as photos and mirrors, and get this place looking more like a home.

Next paint job….the lounge.

Karen x