I heart paint samples

I’m a bit scatty when it comes to picking paint. As mentioned in a previous post, me & Joe got a joint birthday present from my mum this year : a carpet for the lounge. We haven’t ordered anything as of yet because we want to get the walls painted first. Makes sense really doesn’t it?

We had the walls skimmed and painted before we moved in so they are currently plain old white. In a bid to get things moving (and hopefully done in time to put up a Christmas tree), this weekend we used what was left on a B&Q voucher – given to us from the girls at work (thanks again!) – and got some samples.

We chose some shades of what looked like light brown. This is where I struggle. We’re going to decorate with brown and orange furnishing. So we wanted a light colour on the walls so not to make the room look like a dark dungeon.
The above are what we sampled, all looking relatively light and fresh, but on the walls, it was something else. I know that’s what samples are for, but still, I do love a good whinge.

Pebbles was very helpful…

Why should paint swatches always be so boring? I’m doing hearts this time around. Obviously I’m not an artist….

Me & Pebbles taking a rest after that very stressful job tehe

So that’s what the testers look like. I actually love them all, and if we were doing a feature wall, I would absolutely use one of the darker colours from the right. However, we don’t want to make this room look tiny. Cosy yes, but not small. It’s a large room as it is – about 21 foot long in fact, but it’s not hugely wide, so a darker colour would probably narrow it greatly. So, we’ve chosen Dulux’s Natural Hessian (the bottom left colour on the wall).
This image is one of the reasons I’m so happy that there are testers available. Looking at it, I would have never picked that colour in a million years. It looks pink – almost a salmon colour. And if you know me, you’ll know that’s a colour I will never have in my house.

Luckily, we’ve made a decision (pretty good for me & Joe, we’re normally pretty useless at making choices!) and as soon as payday hits, I’m going to get my overalls out and crack on. The countdown to get our lounge done before Christmas begins…

Karen x