Far from lounging around

Tomorrow will be Joe’s birthday. He’ll be catching up with me and entering his mid-20s. Scary stuff.

Our birthdays are relatively close together – in fact, there’s only 3 weeks between us, so it made sense that my mum got us a joint present this year now that we’re big people grown up.

Similar to my birthday, where Joe’s parents very generously suprised me with a bedroom carpet, we decided that after living with this luxury under our feet in the bedroom, we also want it in the lounge for our ‘joint’ birthday. So, this weekend we’re ordering underlay and carpet, with the hope of getting it fitted relatively soon – courtesy of my mum and step-dad. Thanks you two! 🙂

It is actually the exact same carpet that we had fitted in our bedroom as we like it so much. It looks a little something like this…

Saxony carpet. Lovely and soft. Looks a lot darker here that it actually is.

Here it is in the bedroom. (Sorry for the mess. I'm still unpacking!) It really makes the place look more finished. Be gone floorboards!

So when Joe’s birthday was approaching, he made a list of what he wanted ranging from the ridiculous (a new 50″ tv with surround sound system. Maybe next week Joey) to the more realistic (lampshades, wine, xbox games).

On Thursday we went for a family meal, and he got a fantastic toolbox with lots of handy tools from his aunty, uncle and cousins, so that he can:
1) Crack on with little jobs around the house…
2) ….without having to steal the tools from his dad!

On top of this, from his parents he received the lampshades that we had wanted to go in the lounge as well as a voucher for something for the house! Peter (Joe’s dad) kindly came and fitted the lampshades today and it inspired us to go to B&Q to pick out a paint for the lounge walls. If we can decide this week, that means we can get the walls painted, and then the carpet fitted, meaning we’d have a completed lounge (apart from blinds/curtains – need to do some saving for these) in time for Christmas!

Sorry the quality is bad. Think I should use a better camera in future!

Much more cosy (please pardon the mess!)

I used my superduper editing skills (Microsoft Paint) to remove the value. That's between Joe and his parents. Can't wait to find out what he decides to get!

I will post pictures of Joe and his toolkit when I get them off his family – if you’re familiar with this blog, you’ll know how much of a poser he is. He was so chuffed with his tools, it was adorable.

I’ll also post some piccies of the paint samples we did for the lounge.

I think I prefer birthdays as an adult. Decorating is so much fun.

Karen x