Any excuse to have a house party

One thing I have learned about modernising a house is that there is a lot to get rid of before you can bring in the new shiny goodies. Luckily, when we moved in, the house was empty of furniture so at least we were saved from chucking mouldy couches or curtains. However, we have found that we’ve ended up with a large pile of wood. And with bonfire night arriving just in time, it would be just plain rude not to make a party out of the occasion. And now that we have a large garden, there was no excuse.

So, Joe and I collected all of our wood, and remains from trimming the garden, ready for burning. We bought a special bin for this purpose (and I’ve previously mentioned our family tradition of having a bin-fire) which came with a free mini-BBQ. Double win.

We set up the mini-BBQ, alongside our current mini-BBQ, bought some fireworks, and invited some family.

Joe posing with our spiffing new bonfire chimney bin

Fireworks. Pardon our dated kitchen floor

But first things first, we had to get rid of the Halloween stuff (and yes, if anyone was interested, we had a huge number of kids come to the door. Turns out our neighbourhood is big on Halloween).

But not until the rats had a bloody good play with the pumpkin first…

SO very ladylike

Watching TV with her new favourite toy

As the night got darker, my sister Amy arrived, as well as my mum, Angela, my dad Nick, my cousins, Lee & Tom, and Joe’s parents, Peter & Carol – a lovely little family get together. What was even lovelier as well, is that mine & Joe’s parents haven’t spent much time together before, so it was awesome to have everyone round. Especially since we didn’t bother with an ‘official’ house-warming party due to emergency decorating.

BBQs and fire on the go!

Joe pretending to whizz on the fire

Pebbles popped in before heading back to her owner. Never met a cat who didn’t mind fireworks before

One of our many fireworks

Joe’s parents brought around a MASSIVE ‘firework’ but it was a trick that fooled us all – it was just a sparkler haha

Joe likes to play with fire

Everyone! (except Joe who is taking the picture)

Me & Joe trying for the Charlies Angels look with the fire in the background. Successful yes?

Can’t wait for there to be many more in the future. Might even do it all again on New Years? Who’s in? 🙂

Karen x